Ted offers a kind , MAC friendly customer support and a thorough understanding of the ever fast changing business, media and
computing needs.
- Fred
"As older people who find technology overwhelming at times, Ted is always personable, knowledgable and very helpful."
- Claire and Michael

Comox Valley

"Ted Bannnister has been our Manzanita Muse Studio 'computer guy', for over twelve years.  We're quite demanding of our computer and Ted has kept us functional with practical, often inexpensive solutions.  Last year Ted put us into a new Mac Book and I Mac with wireless.  One of Ted's best suggestions - an Apple Time Machine with a regular wireless back-up feature, synced to both computers.  No more worries about lost data.   Personable, practical and timely service.  Excellent."
- Dianne Bersea
“Ted Bannister is cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. Above all he is as near as an email or phone call for us in the boonies”
- Richard Truman
"Ted Bannister is my safety net. He quickly and calmly deflects my technophobic panic to resolve any kind of technical (and human-generated) glitch."
- Carol Gray
"Almost everything I know about computers is because Ted taught me. Even better, he teaches with patience and a great big smile."
- Lovena Harvey
Apple _tech_support
"Ted's expertise care and availability keep our Mac's humming beautifully"
- David Drysdale
Operations Director
"Always looking out for your best interests. Trustworthy, kind, fun!  :
Always there when you're in despair!"
- Martha Abelson
apple_tech_ support

Lasqueti Island

"We've bought both our Macs through Ted and he has given us great service, above and beyond what most people do. Ted is always at the end of an email or phone call to help us sort out any questions we have with our Mac. As a novice on the computer I really appreciate Ted's patience with my "how do I do this" questions. He makes it all seem so easy!!"
- Mike & Charolette
"Ted helped me make the move into my first IMAC , it's be great been able to call on Ted when I get stuck. Recently he helped me while I was  building my own website, Ted was there to help me through the tough spots. Thanks Ted. "
- Glenn Proctor
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"Ted's been my 'go-to' guy for well over a decade, introducing me to the Mac world and keeping me plugged in and current ever since. Ted's savvy and knowledge base is exceeded only by his patience and gratifyingly friendly manner. He's great at downsizing technical overwhelm, and he's a fine teacher and multi-program problem solver!"
- Robyn Budd
The day I was referred to Ted was a lucky one for me!
He quickly understood my computer predicament, recommended an inexpensive solution, and implemented it immediately so that we didn't lose any production time. It is still working seamlessly.
Since then he has gently walked me through building a new website with excellent suggestions, advice, and his expertise for all the complicated bits. He is extremely knowledgeable but also very friendly and approachable with tons of patience, so that I am not intimidated asking stupid questions.
My mind is happily relieved of any worries about future technical problems because I know his assistance with any facet of the Mac, or website, internet, email and anything else related to it is just a quick email or phone call away.
Nan Beals
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