Business Solutions

Trying to decide what hardware to buy, software to do a job, or how to integrate the web into your marketing plans? I can help you make the right choice. Business management that includes customer service and retention, all aspects of accounting, marketing, and communication are critical in order to lead in todays competitive world. All of these factors use computer technology to implement or achieve. Making the right choices will determine how effectively you can do your job and more importantly grow your business. With broad base of business experience I can help you find the right piece of the puzzle to solve your problems today and help you grow into the future.

Apple, Xerox and Server Solutions

My years of experience selling and supporting hardware in the business environment means real world advice on what technologies will save you time and money. Overall operating costs that include, IT costs, staff downtime and training are an important part of my hardware recommendations. Products that have exceptional customer support and satisfaction ratings are at the top of the list. This is why I strongly endorse Apple Computer and Xerox hardware solutions for business. The Byte Computer Team include Server implementation specialists and full time computer technicians to meet your business needs.

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