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Keeping systems running smoothly and trouble free without constant attention and expense.

Technical Support

Technical support is often more than fixing a problem, its giving advice to circumvent problems in the future. I understand the need to solve issues immediately and will always endeavour to do so in a timely manner. With todays technology I can give Remote Support to any user, at any location, virtually anywhere in the world. My services include (but are not limited to): wireless network setups, file sharing, printer sharing, data transfers, PC to Mac transfers, wireless music streaming, Apple TV, back-up solutions, sales and service of Apple, Xerox and other valued hardware solutions.

If, by any chance, I don't have the right tools for the job, our network of Bye Computer Associates will have the expertise to cover your technical needs, from British Columbia's lower mainland to Vancouver Island. If you have further questions please fill out the contact me page, or call (250) 792-3512.


Your network is the communication backbone of your home or office. Well designed and implemented networks improve computing efficiency which translates into trouble free productivity. Whether its sending email, transferring files, running your inventory control, or watching a movie at home, you will want your network to "work" for you!

Backup Solutions

Recovering data from a failed hard drive is a very expensive business. Every year I get calls from people who didn't think it was necessary or didn't want to spend the money on a backup system and pay the price of lost data. This does not mean just business data but all those family pictures and your music library. With the right hardware and Apple's modern operating system you will not have to lift a finger to backup all of your data. That peace of mind is worth the investment!


Regular maintenance of your Apple computers and networks not only extends their life, but will increase the number of problem free days. Cleaning up files, emptying caches, ensuring all software is up to date and compatible, are among a few of the things that are addressed during maintenance. Like changing the oil in a car, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Remote Support

When you have a problem its good to know that I can help no matter where you are or where I am! As long as you have an internet connection you are only a couple clicks away from freeing yourself of those problems.

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